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Welcome to Sparc Systems Limited, your leading ICT solutions provider in Africa. We have a team of highly skilled and certified engineers at your disposal ready to offer you support on your business needs 24/7.

Reach out to our team for IT support, Consultancy or sales.

About Us

Hardware, OS & Application

Oracle/SUN, HP, Dell EMC, IBM, Lenovo

VMware, OVM, Power VM, Hyper-V
Oracle solaris, Linux, IBM AIX, Windows

ERP Systems, Financial Systems

SAN Storage

NetApp Storages
IBM, Oracle Storages
HP Storages works
Lenovo Storages

Data Center

Data Center Virtualisation,
Data consolidation,
High Availability solutions,
Backup and recovery solutions,
Disaster recovery solutions,
Cloud Solutions.

Network & Security

Network Firewalls,
Network Penetration Testing
Network Vulnerability Assessment
Zero day Protection

Our Services

Generic placeholder image Virtualization

We are experts in virtualization solutions including VMWare, IBM Power VM, Oracle VM, Windows Hypervisor and many more.

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Our team have deployed solutions on most OS platforms. Whether its Unix (AIX, Solaris, UX) or Linux (Redhat, Oracle Linux, Fedora, Cent OS, e.t.c.) or Windows.

Generic placeholder image Databases

We have vast experience and have certified engineers in Oracle database, SQL, DB 2 and many more.

Generic placeholder image Software Solutions

We have experienced software developers that have a track record of numerous software deployments. Reach out to our team for more information.

Generic placeholder image IT Security

We have a team of IT security experts who are experienced on many aspects of cyber security. Which includes; perimeter security, data base security, penetration testing or intrusion detection.

Generic placeholder image Training & Educational Services

We offer training and educational services on various aspects of IT. Our training delivery mode are hands-on and are instructor led. We also offer free trainings on products we supply.

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